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Jeans to Shorts

What’s up you guys! Today’s tutorial is going to be for anyone who’s trying to update their wardrobe, make the most out of outgrown pants or is like me-spending a lot of times outdoor in the hot Florida weather and needs just as many shorts as underwear. It’s Mid September and you break into sweats just walking from the parking lot into the store. I’ve decided to take some shorts that have so,e nice patchwork and design and convert them into stylish shorts for our hot fall season. 


I am going to use my Singer sewing machine for this tutorial. I find that this is the best machine to use when handling thick fabric such as denim material. If you want to know all about this sewing machine and hear my full review, check out my previous blog post here or watch the video below:


The other supplies that you will be needing today are: 


*Old jeans or pants 

*Fiskar rotary tool 

*Cutting mat 

*Thread of your choice 


First things first, try on your pants! Figure out where you’d like your shorts to land. If you’d like a cuff short, for a thick bank you’d like to add four inches in length. For a thinner band you want to only add two inches. Use a ruler to make sure that where you mark your jeans from side to side, is straight. To cut the denim, I will be using a Fiskar rotary tool and I will be pushing this through a couple of times to make sure I cut it clearly. 


I would like mine to have a one inch cuff. I folded it one inch up, and then I folded it one inch again. If you’d like to just have a plain cut, you really would only need to sew a stitch on each side. My jean shorts will be a little bit extra. We’re going to sew the side seam to keep my cuff in place, since I am adding a bit of a flare. Go back and forth to hold the cuff in place once it runs through the Singer sewing machine.  Repeat this step on the inner side of your cuff too. You always want to make sure to line up the seam, so that they stay aligned. If it moves over, just readjust the fabric back to where you want it to be. 


To make sure that your cuff stays nice and even you can either press it with the iron or put a small stitch in the front. This will help ensure that the cuff will stay in place. Feel free to do this in the back of the shorts as well, right in the middle, along the top of the cuff. Repeat this step on both legs. Helpful tip, A good way to know where to place the stitch, look for the pocket. 


How simple was today’s DIY, on how to make your jeans into shorts? If you liked this quick tutorial or have done this yourself, please make sure to tag me in your pictures. I absolutely love the back print and patchwork on the back of my jeans. So I’m excited to keep them as stylish shorts to add to my wardrobe. 


A more visual example of this tutorial can also be found and watched on my very own YouTube channel. I am trying my best to get to 1,000 subscribers so please subscribe and let your friends know too.


Thanks for tuning Minities! See you next week. 

  • Sep 19, 2020
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