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Fall is officially here! After one heck of a year I couldn’t wait to see all of the fall decor set up in my house. If you have a virtual book club or a night you get together with friends, this is such a fun activity to do to welcome the fall season. I spent the night with my friend Jenny, making two wreaths for my front doors. Jenny had never done something like this so I thought this was the perfect way to spend our Ladies night. After teaching her how to make a wreath, I realized that I should share with all of my Mintiest, the helpful tips that helped Jenny and could possibly help you and your friends too! 


To make your very own DIY wreath, I recommend going to your local craft store to pick up the items for this wreath. You are more than welcome to shop online for some specific pieces however, I find that when choosing the flowers and props for the wreath- I, personally, prefer to  see those items in person. Jenny and I went to my favorite stores- JoAnne’s and Michael’s to pick out the flowers and props. My favorite colors are mixtures of pinks, blushes and cream hues.; so I made sure to pick pumpkins and flowers within this color scheme.  


Tip #1: Pick colors that you will love seeing everyday and can be a staple in your fall/holiday decor. This way you can store these wreaths throughout the year, and won’t have to spend money each year on a new holiday piece. 


In the beginning of my shopping experience, I was a bit nervous that I overspent. However, I had to remind myself that I had 36 inch wreaths that required a lot of flowers and props. Additionally, I used all of the leftover flowers in vases and other home decor pieces in my home. 


Tip #2: Make sure to download your coupons and double stack where appropriate. 


Tip #3: Use the leftover flowers to decorate the interior of your home. This way, your guests will see the outdoor decor resonate with the indoor design process. 


Once we started making our wreaths, we chose to place the flowers and pumpkins on first in a big-small, big-small patten. 


Tip #4: Mix  and match different types of textures, fabrics and props. 


Tip #5: Treat the wreath as if it has four corners. Make the flow of materials on the wreath a nice experience to the eye. 


Tip #6: When placing the faux flowers on the wreath, do not use your nice scissors- use wire cutters to cut the stems and a hot glue gun to help secure the flower within the wreaths. 


Tip #7: The base of my wreath is made out of wood. I only take a small layer or bunch to weave the stem of the flower into the wreath. This makes it easier and faster for you to secure the flower. 


While Jenny and I were talking, we thought of some pretty cool ideas to make wreaths all year round or fun gifts during the holiday season.  For more info on this, click the link below to watch us discuss this more!


Tip #8: Make wreaths for extra holiday cash.


Tip #9: Wreaths make great gifts during the holidays. 


Though we shopped at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s craft store and JoAnne’s, I actually turned to Amazon to find the perfect wreath hanger. I have two large front doors and I needed something that would be long enough to hang the wreaths at the perfect height for my visitors and strong enough to withstand their weight. Once we completed the wreaths it was finally time to hang them and welcome in the fall season! 


Tip #10: Purchase these wreath hangers to hang your DIY Wreath. 

Haute Decor Over Door Adjustable Length Wreath Hook and Hanger


To see some more inspiration on Holiday DIY Wreaths, make sure to follow and check out my Pinterest board: 


pending link/approval from Nicole



I want to see your wreaths, Minties. Did you and your friends have fun creating your very DIY wreaths? Make sure to tag me in your photos online. Well Minties, I am heading back to work in my craft room. I will catch you here next week for another blog post. Thanks for all of your continued support. 


XOXO, Nicole 

  • Sep 30, 2020
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