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How to make you own fabric

Welcome back to the blog Mintiest! 


First and foremost, thank you all so much for supporting all of my recent collections. I haven’t spent too much time on here talking about my work on but I received such positive feedback through sales and social media when I used my Gamer fabric that I decided to share how I made it! For those who don’t know, Spoonflower is a website where you can upload your own fabric designs and their audience can search through your fabrics along with other vendors to find the perfect fit for their sewing/craft needs. I have been uploading my designs to Spoonflower for a while now and I am so thankful for how quickly they pivoted and helped all of us vendors during the busy masks season. Thanks to Spoonflower, I was able to sell masks that were unique and only found in my website because I created the design at home and then used the fabric to create cool masks that helped everyone make their new face shield into a fashion accessory, too! 


If you didn’t get a chance to check out my Gamer fabric, feel free to click the link below.


My Gamer fabric is 42" wide and 4.3oz per sq yard. It’s also 100% natural cotton fabric that's versatile, soft and easy to sew.  It’s perfect for quilting, craft projects, costuming, toys and accessories. With people creating unique masks and others spending more time at home than others and trying to revamp your living space, some of you may be having issues finding fabrics that you’ve been looking for but haven’t found quite just yet. My solution is to create your own fabric! If you’re wondering where to start, I’ve got you covered. 


I first started out just doodling on my iPad Pro. I have the 12.9 inch iPad which I find is much more comfortable for me as an artist and left handed person to draw on. I am sure any tablet or even just paper and pencil could do the trick. All your doing is drawing your thoughts, there is no right or wrong nor rhyme or reason to it- just imagine and draw or doodle away. 


While creating this Gamer fabric for, I was thinking of a world for gamers. Almost like a galaxy just filled with a typical gamer’s dream. Now, my three kids love playing video games so I imagined what their brains dream about all day- controllers, consoles, buttons, bold text and colors. I drew my thoughts on the screen and then showed my husband. I usually work with different software programs to bring the drawings to life, but with so many orders- he has really been a help for me and making time for my creativity to still flow during heavy workloads. 


As soon as my husband saw the drawing, he seemed to instantly understand what I wanted on the fabric. Being a man of little words, he spent more time digitalizing the design instead of talking about it. When he showed it to me- I loved it. With my approval, he saved the design and uploaded it to If you want to see how simple this is, you could click my YouTube video link below. If you blink you might miss it; it really is so simple to upload to the site. 


YouTube Link:


Since I have uploaded this fabric to, I have had a ton of unexpected sales. Something that started out as a passion project now became an additional stream of income for my business! DOUBLE EXCITEMENT. 


I ended up creating a masks with this gamer fabric, which got a ton of positive feedback. Check that out in the link below and make sure to follow me on YouTube and Instagram!


Please help me support my Youtube channel by subscribing. I am trying to have more content for you all to watch and the more subscribers could help me get that content up. Feel free to let me know in the comments which is your favorite fabric that I have up on Spoonflower and stay tuned to upgrades to my current Gamer fabric.


Thanks Minties! 













 Don’t wait around for the fabric of your dreams to fit in with all of the other room decor, just make it and upload your idea to 

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