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D.I.Y. Decorative Pillow



How’s it going Minties? 


Today is a very special day! I get to focus on decor for my craft room in my brand new home! Everything about our home is so very precious to me. My husband and I purchased the land and built our home from the ground up. We were able to build our home exactly to our liking and our families lifestyle, so i definitely want to add my touch to it. I spend so much time in my home craft room that I really wanted to make sure that this space helped me express myself and be a home for all of Willow Mint Props goods. 


So today, I am going to be sharing with you all how I added a bit of my personality and style to my home craft room....with pillows! 




Yes, Pillows! In my craft room, I have a daybed for my kids or hubby to come hang with me. I love the daybed I picked out however I couldn’t seem to find pillows that really popped the way I envisioned. So, instead of spend more money - I decided to make the pillows myself with fabrics that I currently had in my craft room. For those of you who have fabrics laying around, I encourage you to make these DIY pillows, too! 


For this pillow, I decided to use my very own fabric exclusively made with Spoonflower. If you’re not familiar with you should check them out. Crafters like myself can create their own one of a kind and unique fabrics for others crafters to purchase. Feel free to check out my fabrics in the link below!


Willow Mint Props (Spoonflower Shop)  <-- link


My pillow will be different fabrics on each side. I’ve chosen a cream and neutral fabric for this pillow for one side with an official Willow Mint Props fabric for the opposite side. You can use one fabric if you’d like to keep supplies down to a minimum. I also recommend the following for supplies:

  • Pins
  • Poly fill 
  • Thread 
  • Rotary blade or use standard scissors
  • Ruler 


Now that you’ve got everything, let’s start! 

This pillow measurement will be 16 by 16 inches. Using a clear ruler really gives you an advantage. I grab my rotary cutter and drag it down to the 16 mark going from top to bottom, then I move my ruler and once again, drag it from right to left for 16 inches. Repeat this step for the fabric of your choice for the back of the pillow. 


An important tip before heading to the sewing machine: make sure your fabrics are aligned and the right sides of the fabrics are facing each other. If you have a directional fabric, make sure the print is facing the way you’d like it to face while being displayed. For this home pillow DIY, I will be using a brother sewing machine. If you don’t feel comfortable going straight under, feel free to place your pins before starting. 


Again, make sure the fabric are lined up. Make sure to sew your pillow a quarter of an inch in and make sure to reverse your stitch so that you can secure it in place. Now push the fabric through the machine. If you’re not a pin user, be sure to line up your fabric as you go and line up the edge of the fabric with edge of the sewing foot. Sometimes your fabric may shift a little so I like to feel the fabric out as I move along. 

Once you get to the edge you start at, leave a little hole so that you can stuff your pillow. Reverse your stitch and go back again so you can lock your stitch in! 


Now that the pillow is sewn, we need to trim the corners of our pillow. The reason for this is when we turn it right side out t won’t have the corner of the fabric picker. You just want to cut a little bit off of that corner, not too much. Look for your stitch and cut off each corner; always be aware of where your stitch is. Let’s find the opening where we turn the pillow right side out. A helpful tool to make the corners point out very easily, use the thin stick within your polyfil bag. I use this tool to poke the pillow and have the corners come out before I start stuffing it. The pillow should now be on the right side and the corners should look perfect. 


Grab your polyfil and push in a generous amount. Grab the thin stick when necessary to help push down and make more space for polyfil depending on how much stuffing you would like. Once you’ve finished stuffing the pillow, you should have a small hole at the top that must be sewn closed now. But first push your stuffing a bit down to make it easier for you to close it. I like to pinch these parts together and put it under the machine. I do a straight stitch right along the edge of the pillow to seal it up. You may find this a bit tricky since the pillow is stuffed but try to move your needle to the left or ride side of the pillow to get this task completed. Make sure this edge lines up and are folded evenly. Take your time with this part! Once you see your stitch is complete you’re going to back it up and move it forward again to make sure it is locked into place. Since it is locked in place you can cut the remaining string off of the pillow. Be sure to also cut off the beginning part of your initial stitch! 


That’s it! You’ve made your very own home decor pillow without spending any money! Be sure to tag me on social media in your pillows. If you need a visual version of this blog, I’ve got it covered on my YouTube channel.


Please make sure to subscribe and give this video a thumbs up! Leave a comment of another diy project you’re interested in seeing for a future video or blog. 


Later Minties! 

  • Jul 22, 2020
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