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Brother Sewing Machine Review

Hey Minties, 


I wanted to share with you all two of my favorite machines that I use on the regular that you my have been interested in purchasing for yourself. If you’re interested in the brand Brother and have heard of their machines, then this video is highly recommended for you. I’ll give you the break down of the machines, their features, the pros and cons and where you can find them. For those who would prefer to watch a video with even more detail than this blog, watch my YouTube video below and make sure to subscribe and follow, too. 


brother XR9500PRW

The first machine by Brother brand that we will be reviewing is the XR9500PRW model. For those of you who remember the show Project Runway, this is the actual model released for the designers\cast members and is a limited edition.  I have owned and used this machine for the last four years on all of my crafts and projects. This machine is for embroidering and sewing. It has one hundred unique stitches and one built in font. One of my favorite details about this brother machine is the computerized screen; this features helps you keep track of which stitch you’re currently on. This also has eight styles of button hole stitch designs for a variety of different stitches based on your design preference. 


I love how light weight this machine is and how it comes with a hard cover to be more portable, if needed. There is also a small storage compartment within this Project Runway Brother machine that has seven feet, all coded with letters according to what stitch it is needed for. With the amount of features and extras that you get with this machine, the price point makes the value undeniable. This XR9500PRW model has a threading system that makes threading your needle super easy and will always work because it also comes with a button that puts the needle in the right position to use the threading system. This machine does carry a bobin winding system at the top corner. 


Lastly, I’d like to mention that the XR9500PRW Brother model is able to use universal foots and needles. The only small con that I have noticed is that it is not best to use for thicker materials like materials like heavy denim. When you turn on the machine-it does not remember the last setting you had it on, it automatically resets to the left stitch. I think this may be due to the digital screen that is on this Brother machine. Additionally, I would only use Brother bobins. 


The next Brother machine, that has a special spot in my craft room is the Serger Lock 1034D. I personally had used a serger machine prior to this purchase,  but not very much experience. If you’re getting or interested in purchasing a serger machine, you are most likely an experienced sewer. I’ve had this machine for about three years and let me tell you, it’s compact and fast. 


Serger Lock 1034D


You’ll notice that this model has color coding on the top, making it extremely easy to thread the machine. The color coding helps you know which thread goes where. The Serger Lock 1034D has a large array of other types of stitches for finishing edges of your garments. In the event of stitching sleeves and necklines, you can remove the front corner for more efficiency and access. 


I don’t have any cons to add to this machine, making it so well worth the money. I, personally, decided to get a surger to add the professional look to my craft and sew pieces. If you’re a hobby sewer and take a lot of pride in your work- you’ll definitely want a serger machine from Brother brand. As stated before, I’ve had this machine for three years so there may be a newer or updated version of the Surger Lock 1034D model by Brother brand. Both, the XR9500PRW machine and Serger Lock 1034D have permanent places on my desk and are my favorites for the value. 


Feel free to share this article with your friends or craft groups and communities. I’d love to hear what your favorite machine is. For a visual form of this blog, please visit my YouTube channel with my most recent video talking and showing you even more details. 



Until next time, Minties! 
-Xo, Nicole 

  • Jul 10, 2020
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