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Hi Everyone, 


I am so excited to talk about a new brand and product that I have been working with, the Cricut Maker machine. Originally, I purchased this machine when the pandemic first hit so that I could find ways to better service my customers and their needs. This machine has came in handy for pieces that need to be customized. My daughter stays on TikTok all day long and brought some of these hacks to my attentions and they are so very helpful! If you’re not on TikTok, don’t worry! I did the research and tried the hacks below that have truly helped with a learning curve and affordability when it comes to maintaining your Cricut machine. 



Hack #1

Cleaning and Sharpening Cricut Blade

    • Ball up a sheet of aluminum foil. 
    • Remove the blade housing from the Cricut. 
    • Depress the plunger, and stick the blade into the aluminum foil ball over and over. I do poke the point in about 50 times. 
    • This helps to remove any bits of paper or vinyl that might be stuck to the blade and also seems to sharpen it.

That’s how easy it is! Now, you’ll have a clean and sharp blade to use. 


Hack #2

Use Masking Tape. 

      • Tape down your vinyl to the mat if your mat isn’t sticky enough to hold the vinyl itself.
      • When you are editing in the Cricut studio, be sure you move your design over a bit so when you go to cut your design,  the tape used to hold the vinyl does not go under the rollers and possibly misalign your cut.

Wasn’t that easy? 



Hack #3

The clear sheet that comes with the mat.

It is important to use this sheet after you are done using your mat. This is essential to maintaining the cleanliness and stickiness of your mat.

This one is so extremely helpful when it comes to making sure that your mat lasts longer than usual if you weren’t using the clear sheet. 


Hack #4 

Using crayola markers are cheaper and works just as good as a Cricut pen. In clamp A.  

I love everything about the Cricut machine, but the packs of markers can you run you between $20 to $30. Why spend that money if you can spend a couple of bucks instead? 


Hack #4 

Weed directly on the mat. Vinyl is easier to handle when it is stuck to the mat. Otherwise you will have to weed while holding the vinyl down which get irritating at times. 

This makes weeding incredibly easier. 


Hack #5

Use old paper towel rollers to toilet paper rolls to keep vinyl rolled up. 

If you have children snap bracelets laying around the house, you can use that too! 


Hack #6

Utilize your USB port on the right side of the maker. You will be surprised how many people don’t even know its there.

Did you know that there was a USB port? Feel free to use it to charge your devices while also using their Cricut machine. 


Hack #7

Clean dirty mats with non alcoholic wet wipes. It will clean the mat as well as maintain the stickiness.

I love this hack because it truly does pick up the left over residue. 


Hack #8

The best way to remove vinyl from the mat is by flipping it over and curling the mat away from vinyl.

This makes the vinyl easy to access and curl over. 


Hack #9

Use when trying to get rid of an image background. Get an example from google and remove background

If you’re not a fan of photoshop or wants something who does the work for you, then this is the perfect website. 


Hack #10

Wrap Painters tape on your hand so when weeding you will have a place to put scraps instead of putting it all over your table and making a mess. 


I think you guys would really benefit from these hacks if you have your own Cricut machine or if you thought the maintenance of a Cricut machine would be too much. Let me know if you have any recommendations or hacks. 


If you want to see visuals of all of these TiKTok hacks, check out my YouTube videos where I demonstrate all of these Cricut hacks for you all. 


Meet you back here next week! 



  • Aug 05, 2020
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